"Be the change you wish to see in the world"  -  Ghandi
This quotation bears a distinct message.  The world is not always a friendly place; there is much conflict, pain, confusion and many issues to be concerned about.  At times this is overwhelming and we wonder to ourselves "what can I do?  How can I make a difference, or how can I even begin to effect change when the problems seem so huge?" 
The answer is simple and in understanding it, anxiety is reduced.  Firstly it's important to understand and accept that you cannot change the world, nor can you change another person; this is an impossible task for any single human being.  The second step is to realise that you can change your MIND about the world, and therein lies peace.  This understanding reminds us of our inner power; this is a responsibility which we can deal with as an individual.  We can choose to "be" a certain way in the world and however we operate in the world will have a profound effect on all that we look upon in our own sphere of influence.  Others will observe what you are demonstrating, and will be inspired by your example.  This is far more effective than trying to "get" people to behave in a certain way.  Making a difference starts with being what you wish to see, depending on the type of world you want to live in. 
How do I... as one human being.. make a difference? How do I assist my family, my community, my workplace, my world?
Here are a few ideas..
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Set an Intention  Many masters and wise teachers have suggested starting off your day by "setting an intention".  This involves gently easing into your day in "the right gear", with the right attitude and with positive thoughts towards a good outcome.  If you do this, your mind is focused in the direction you wish it to proceed, and as you state your intention the Universe responds accordingly.  Doors open miraculously, things tend to flow... and if they don't flow as you wish they would, you will be less reactive about it, and more peaceful.  Your energy will affect those around you.  Remember the world is simply a reflection of what’s going on inside YOU. So if you have stress, anxiety, fear, anger....expect to meet them during the course of your day!
Light a Candle
If you're worried about someone, or fearful of the outcome of a situation, whether it is near to you or on the other side of the world, light a candle and as you do so ask that that person/situation be surrounded by love, healing and light.  Ask that only the highest good of those concerned will be served.  Then leave it be.  It's helpful to do this for your own peace of mind, and as all minds are joined, there are effects you may not be aware of. 
A prayer is never wasted.  To whomever you pray, whether it be God, the Universe, Mother Earth, your own spiritual masters, saints who are dear to your own path, prayers to the Holy Spirit or to your own inner guide, prayer is beneficial to yourself and to the world.   Undoubtedly prayers effect change in ways scientists are beginning to acknowledge.   Mass, collective prayer creates shifts that can alter the course of history.   Whatever the words you choose, your reaching out to the Divine matters.  James Twyman, the Peace Troubadour, suggests "praying THAT which you want".. if you want Peace "pray Peace", if you want rain "pray Rain", if you want healing "pray Wholeness".. imagine and feel the outcome you yearn for; it will manifest more effectively.  Milions of people are praying daily for the state of our planet, and for the wellbeing and happiness of all beings.  To pray is to "do" something.. it is taking action, it makes a difference..
Invisible Acts of Power - Random Acts of Kindness
Being of service to other beings in even the smallest way is a powerfully spiritual act.  The magic in acts of kindness is that in the giving so we receive.  This is not in the sense of giving and receiving "stuff", but in the energy dynamic that takes place in the act of giving.  Performing an act of kindness makes us feel good, and there is a healthy chemical reaction in the brain that occurs as a result.  What is remarkable is that our own serotonin levels are raised when we simply witness another person performing an act of kindness.  So when we do good for others, it's a beneficial process on many levels - for the giver, the receiver and anyone watching, and as the feel good factor is passed on, there the ripples continue.   The most rewarding acts of kindness are those for which we seek no recognition.. powerfully rewarding as it really budges our ego out of the way.  Caroline Myss's book Invisible Acts of Power is well worth reading for some great ideas on the spiritual and physical benefits of giving.

Remember when you point a finger at others, there are three fingers pointing back at you (try and it and you will see what we mean....)

Take an interest in others
Force yourself to turn the attention away from you... and take an active interest in others.  This is the most amazing cure for when you have the blues!  Find another person and invest time and interest in them.. taking the focus off yourself brings instantaneous relief, and the other person will appreciate your attention.  You may end up helping them to see things differently too, which helps everyone!
Tithe or donate

See the world as your "church".. take it with you everywhere!   Make a plan as to who in your neighbourhood you will tithe to.  It could be the beggar at the traffic light, or the car guards at the mall or an extra large tip when you eat out.  Collect your loose change and have it handy for the petrol attendant; his needs are no doubt greater than yours and your interaction will light up his day, and yours.    It's been proven that donating a small amount to the cause that concerns you helps alleviate anxiety, anger and guilt.   So don't think about donating, do it, even R10 will not go to waste.  If the state of the planet distresses you, send a small donation to an environmental organisation.  Send a donation towards a disaster relief organisation if you feel moved to do so.   Signing pledges and passing them on may seem small and insignificant, but your "click" on that button adds to the power of the collective - people-powered organisations are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.  One of the Universal Laws is that to receive we must give – there must be a constant flow of giving and receiving. When we hoard we block the flow. We are also saying we don’t trust that more is coming. There is also the danger of giving too much and not receiving in return – it must be balanced!


Be kind instead of right
The great spiritual and holy texts of the world suggest, or stipulate, how we should behave in the world.  Even A Course in Miracles, which is made up of 3 large volumes of text and lessons, uses many words to teach us a most simple lesson.  As with the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavadgita, the Talmud, the teachings of the Buddha, the essence of the common message that runs through them all is simply "be kind, and be gentle".   When you want to make a difference in the world, being right may not always be the best solution... when in doubt, be kind.  This goes against much of our egoic conditioning, but the world will be more peaceful if you choose to be kind instead of what you perceive as "right".  Don’t let the EGO rule your life – it is EGO that wants to be right all the time!


"I share from a place of gratitude and ever renewing trust that humanity as a whole is going to wake up to the fact that we are made of love." - Ma Ananda Sarita

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