Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you  -  Rumi
The Chaotic Nature of Life at the Present
A talk on Ascension and Living in 2012 by Elmarie Venter
Below are notes kindly provided by Elmarie, covering the topic she spoke about as our guest speaker on 15th September 2012

Elmarie spoke initially about the status quo, the prevalence of fear and chaos occuring globally at the present as we go through the changes that are 2012, the marker for shifting into the next Ascension attempt on planet Earth.


Fear – false evidence appearing real.



People seemingly “losing their minds”.

Change – rapid, big and fast.







What is ascension?  In simplified terms it is an energetic event and about the return of the higher vibrations of the Christ consciousness (transcendence, purification, vibrational raising, healing and forgiveness).

The problem:  It is quite basic; how do we generate enough energy to raise physicality up to the point of ascension and pierce the quantum boundary that keeps this physical universe from vibrating at the next highest vibrational (dimensional) level?  How do we draw enough energy from the universal pool of energy to carry the world – beauty and ugliness alike – into ascension so that we don’t have to “work so hard” to be on this planet called earth?

Some of the answer lies in duality.  Duality – yin and yang, male and female – is very important because it is only in the separation and synthesis of opposites that creation manifests. We use the positive component as the spark or energetic drive that “goes forth and expands”.  We use the negative component as the formative mould that catches the spark and shapes it into something interesting.  Bringing these two energies together is how creation manifests.  Creation is simply an energetic process that involves passing through quantum energy levels from high vibratory states to low vibratory states and vice versa.

An example of ascension already happening is to consider the physical dimension of time.  Everyone knows that time has appeared to have sped up. More things happen, more discoveries are made, and more things are created in less time.  Time is compressed and this compression is quite real because of the fact that our physical universe now moves faster, vibrates quicker than what it did before.

All life forms on this earth – human and non-human are ascending; mother earth herself is ascending. The ascension is a universal event – it is about all of us, all life on this planet, the planet itself, the solar system and all things in this universe.  In its full magnificence, the ascension will transcend even the boundaries of this universe.



LEMURIA: The first attempt at creating conditions for ascension on earth goes by the name of Lemuria.  It was all about the balance between the yin and yang energies to create the conditions that would allow us to transcend the Ascension boundary.  As we approached the end of our Lemurian experiment, everything on this earth was about as close to perfect as it has ever been.  The ecosystems were perfectly in tune, the animals lived in harmony with nature, and the beauty and variety of life was simply stunning.  One of the important features was the felt interconnectedness of all things.  The Lemurians existed in peace, harmony and abundance. There was no fear, little anger, and no hatred.  There are many remembrances of this early utopia in our genetic memory.

Some ideas on how the Lemurian society was different:

Children were honoured as new messengers of the Divine and not as the empty vessels our society believes them to be.  Lemurians did not own their children nor did they attempt to fill the children with so much nonsense that they could not function as authentic human beings.

Elders were honoured. They were seen and respected for the wisdom they had accumulated over a long life of service to the earth and Spirit.  Lemurians understood the true value of life on this planet and the value of the journey.

Lemurian society did not honour and worship productivity as we do.  Lemuria was a beautiful and balanced world where creativity and self-expression were the highest goals.  Lemurians never worked in the sense that we understand work.  They occupied their time with the things that made their hearts sing.  For some it was music, for others it was service.  Each individual existed as they wanted to exist.


Since the ascension was the only reason for manifesting Lemuria on this earth, we had little choice but to end Lemuria and the vast majority of Lemurian civilization was destroyed. Because of the interconnectedness of “all things”, humans and animals were “cut off” from Spirit in order for the ending of Lemuria to manifest. We still carry the memory of that destruction in our DNA and in our collective unconscious.


The Lemurian fear humanity carries is the fear of sacrifice.  More specifically it is the fear of being sacrificed.  It is the fear of being lied to and led to slaughter by those you love.  This fear was implanted in our consciousness and bodies when earth changes (volcanoes, earthquakes, massive flooding) reconfigured this planet and destroyed the Lemurian civilization.


ATLANTIS:  The main difference between Atlantis and Lemuria was the energetic balance.  In Atlantis the yang energy had to be pumped up more than in Lemuria. With the rebalancing our creative thoughts burst into physicality much faster than under Lemurian conditions. We built civilizations, developed technologies, pursued arts and sciences, grand empires and sprawling cities.  The history of the Atlanteans unfolded as the grand dramas of kings and queens.


Considered momentum was generated in physicality with the new balance of energy – lots of yang and less yin.  Everything looked great, but because of the lack of yin energy, our connection to Spirit was severed. As a result virtually every Atlantean drove their physical body around unaware of the higher realities and disconnected from their higher selves.


Atlantis was very yang oriented – conquest driven and control based.  Atlanteans were often cold and callous. There was no belief that there would be a problem with this disconnection; when the time for ascension came and yin started to flood into this reality to rebalance the energy, the plan was that messengers would be sent into physicality to teach everyone about the true nature of their reality.  Unfortunately this scenario never actualized.  Because the connection to Spirit was so weak to begin with, we lost control of our manifestations to the little ego.  The ego is easily frightened.  When people are in fear, they lash out; with this anger the Atlanteans began to destroy the world.  They found terrible ways to express their self-destructive intent:  the food system collapsed, all sorts of new diseases emerged, and horrible death spread out across the land.


The Atlantean story got so bad that Immortal Spirit had to euthanize the Atlantean bodies.  It was either that or watch them find more horrible ways to kill themselves and others. Immortal Spirit turned an asteroid into the earth (destruction, darkness blocking out the sun) and that was that for the second ascension attempt.  This failed attempt and the horrible history is also imprinted in our DNA and our collective unconscious.


The other big fear that we have to heal, is the Atlantean fear. This is the fear of power.  It is more specifically the fear of having power.  It is the fear that some great power (God/Spirit) will smite you dead for taking control of your own life, claiming your co-creative power, and presuming to consider yourself an equal of God.



Our real challenge is awakening.  Awakening and clearing the fear and illusion that have kept you from remembering who you really are.  If you choose not to, under the new conditions of the ascended universe, your illusions and fear will manifest in physicality quickly and with considerable force.  Choose to participate in the glory and ascend without fear and negative consequences.  Choose to move forward.  Simply express your intent to progress.

Affirmation: I wish to move forward.  I choose life.  I choose the Ascension.

Use your body to find the blockages and imbalances that need healing so that your vibration can rise.  Your body is a finely tuned masterpiece of spiritual engineering. When properly tuned, your body allows your immortal spirit to create in physicality in ways far more powerful and precise that without your body.

Heal the Lemurian fear and the Atlantean fear within yourself.

Bring your own life into peace and harmony.  Your energy will then lift the vibrations of everyone with whom you come into contact.

Recognize that everyone is equal and treat them as such.

Honour all life forms on the planet, from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans.

Give no energy to fear, darkness or mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands.

Visualize everyone throughout the world living in peace and love.

Walk with your feet on the earth and your head in the heavens.


CONCLUSION - a quote from the film, The Matrix

“I know you are out there. I can feel you now.  I know that you are afraid .... afraid of us.  You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end.  I came here to tell how it is going to begin.  I am going to hang up this phone and then show these people what you don’t want them to see.  I am going to show them a world without you. A world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries.  A world where anything is possible.  Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

(Neo from the movie The Matrix) 


© Elmarie Venter, 2012

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